Capturing the magic of music and carefully transforming a performance into a recording.

"What is music?

Its domain is between thought and phenomena. 
Like a twilight mediator, it hovers between spirit and matter, 
related to both, yet differing from each. 
It is spirit, but it is spirit subject to the measurement of time.
It is matter, but it is matter that can dispense with space. 
Where words leave off, music begins. "

This excerpt of a Letter of Austrian author Heinrich Heine describes the core philosophy behind my work: capturing the magic of music and carefully transforming a performance into a recording.

For doing this, a hand picked selection of microphones comes to use, and DPA has been a reliable partner since the very first days more than 15 years ago.


Career highlights

Founder of tonzauber, a classical music recording company located in Vienna, Austria. 
We are operating both high quality mobile recording services, as well as a generous studio space located at the Wiener Konzerthaus.

Among our customers are:
  • Wiener Symphoniker
  • Wiener Philharmoniker
  • Münchner Philharmoniker
  • Tonkünstler Orchester Niederösterreich
  • Orquesta de la comunidad de Madrid
  • Quatuor Mosaiques
  • Philharmonic Ensemble Vienna
  • Christopher Hinterhuber
  • Diana Damrau
  • Edita Gruberova
  • Joseph Calleja
  • Johan Botha
  • and many more...

But also the support of young aspiring artists, with fresh ideas and unconventional concepts is an important part of our work.

Another major field of interest is the recording of "forgotten music", music written by composer who had to flee their home country during WWII, and whose music has since been forgotten.

CDs recorded by tonzauber have won numerous awards, as well as they have been multi-gold and platinum awarded.

Being an independent company we are working for all major labels, ranging from Decca and Deutsche Grammophon, to Sony and EMI.

Favorite DPA Microphones

4006A as Decca Tree main array, or as room microphones 
4015A wide cardioid as choir microphones

Contact information

Georg Burdicek
Wien, Austria


Profile information

Segments: Recording / Studio
Speaks: English, German and Italian

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