I am primarily a front of house engineer but also a system designer and consultant. I teach live sound, present talks and write for the audio industry.
 I also record and produce. I've been in sound for over 35 years, completely by accident.

Career highlights

Glastonbury Pyramid Stage since 2007, FOH for London 2012 Paralympic Closing Ceremony, FOH for Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of the War of the Worlds, FOH for Chris Rea for 18 years, flying PA systems around the mountains of Tajikistan in broken Russian helicopters, recording and producing John Matthias' Geisterfahrer album,....I could go on... 


Favorite DPA Microphones

  • 4023 in ORTF in a piano
  • 4023 on a good operatic tenor or soprano (sadly they don't make bad ones sound any better)
  • 4099 on pretty much anything
  • d:facto on Chris Rea's voice. 

Contact information

Country: United Kingdom 

Profile information

Segments: PA/Rental
Speaks. English

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