Worked for: The great Sonic Ranch Recording Studio, also as a production manager/FOH for several Independent Artists.

Career highlights

I started my career 20 years ago working as a live audio engineer, production manager and also working on my own recording studio. 

Thousands of live concerts, hundreds of album-recording projects, and have traveled to over 20 countries.
Currently living in Chicago area working as a technical director and broadcast audio engineer at Willow Creek Community Church.

Favorite DPA Microphones

  • 4006- Great for ambience and acoustic guitars
  • 4011- Like it for overheads and snare
  • 4080- The best lavalier I've ever used
  • 4561- Great necklace mic
  • 4099- Love it for strings/brass and acoustic piano
  • d:facto- Great for lead vocals

Contact information

Country: United States

Profile information

Speaks. English, Spanish
Segment: House of Worship

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