I will spread the word of DPA like i do right now. I'm happy to discuss and advise potential buyers (musicians, companies, projects) for DPA and explain my experiences.

Career highlights

I've been in the business a few years (16) now working for bands, festivals, venues and rentall companies mostly in EU. My work area is worldwide. I'm based in the south of NL.

Bands like:
DeWolff - FOH Sound & TM
VUUR - FOH Sound

Festivals like:
ProgPower Europe - FOH Sound & technical Chief
ProgPower USA - FOH Sound & Advancing

Venues like:
013 Tilburg - FOH & MON Engineer
Tivoli Utrecht - FOH & MON Engineer
Effenaar Eindhoven - FOH & MON Engineer

Rentall Companies like:
Purple Group - FOH & MON Engineer

Favorite DPA Microphones

  • First and foremost the d:facto™ 4090 Omnidirectional Microphone4018VL. This vocal mic travels with me all over the world. This mic amazes me every time with it's balanced sound and even leakage is useful. I use the 4099's on Toms and the 2011 on Snare and Guitar cabs.


Contact information

Company: Niels Jensen Audio Productions
Country: Netherlands

Profile information

Speaks. Dutch, English, German
Segment: PA/Rental

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