I have been in the business for nearly 40 years. I started in Bristol working on local TV but have been London based for 30 years.

Career highlights

I work on a combination of movies and HETV.

Back in the 80's I was part of the small team that filmed the TV chef Keith Floyd all around the world. Early programmes were on filmed on 16mm with sound on 1/4" tape - in the days when Floyd was just about the only chef on TV. Being from Bristol where the BBC natural history unit is based, I recorded some lovely sounds in remote places such as Africa and South America. In the mid 90s we camped out with a canibal tribe in Irian Jawa for an ethnographic film. We searched for the origins of Paddington across Peru with Stephen Fry in 2000, and I picked up a sound BAFTA in 2006. I was part of the sound team that worked on Skyfall and all 5 of the recent Star Wars films.


Favorite DPA Microphones

I use the 4018C when the shot allows. I have several and they are my most used supercardioid microphones.
We trend to mic all the actors. I have used 4061 principally and 4071 as needed. We have moved over to 6061 as its size makes easier to hide, with minimal audio compromise.

Contact information

Company: Pod57 Ltd
Email: tim@giantsound.co.uk
Country: United Kingdom


Profile information

Speaks: English
Segment: Broadcast, Film

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